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Heating Services, Repair, Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance

Heating Services

The team at Alliance Ireland offers a comprehensive heating service to both domestic and commercial clients. We know that each and every home or business will require a different type of system, which is why our staff consists of fully qualified tradesmen with a wealth of experience. We provide a full service, including:

  • Design of heating systems for domestic and commercial properties
  • Heating installation carried out by expert staff
  • On-going maintenance on a once-off or contract basis
  • Repair work where required for all types of heating systems.

We work with clients at every stage, from new builds to upgrades and remodelling.

We work on all types of heating:

– Boilers, Gas / Oil Central heating

– Under floor Heating

– Geothermal Heating

– Solar Heating

– Biomass Boilers (wood. pellet boilers)

– Storage Heaters

– Electric Heaters

– Back boilers

Heating System Design

No matter what type of heating system you opt for, the design is one of the most important steps. It is here we can decide where the optimum placing will be for boilers, radiators etc. in order to get the most from your system. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, cutting down on the cost of energy bills

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Heating System Installation

In order to get the most from your heating system, you should always hire a professional to carry out installation. At Alliance Ireland, we carry out work quickly, whilst never compromising on quality. All projects are carried out by experienced tradesmen.

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Heating Systems Maintenance

Generally speaking, your heating system will require some sort of maintenance in order to ensure that it works to maximum capacity. This could be a boiler that needs servicing or a flue that requires cleaning. Whatever type of heating system you have, our team are here to ensure that it runs as normal and serves you for many years to come.

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Heating Systems Repairs

Just like with any system that runs 24/7, your heating system will inevitably need some repair work from time to time. We carry out repairs all over Ireland, offering a fast response time and speedy call out.


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