Fault Finding & Repairs

Fault Finding & Repairs

When it comes to fault finding and electricity, it is vital to choose somebody who is qualified and understands just how dangerous electricity can be. At Alliance Ireland, we work with clients to help find what is causing the problem and provide detailed reporting. If you are having trouble with your electrics, simply get in touch with us today. We offer fast and punctual callouts all over Ireland.

Electrical Fault Finding

We use a logical approach to all our work. First our electricians will discuss exactly what problems you are having, when the fault began etc. Once this has been established, our team can then look at investigating the electrical fault.

Some common faults include:

  • Problem with earthing
  • Faulty parts / components
  • Circuit tripping
  • Dead Short

Electrical Repairs

Once the problem has been found, our team can then provide you with a quotation for repair work. If you are happy enough to go ahead with the electrical work suggested our electricians can get to work straight away. Once all repairs have been carried out, we carry out vigorous testing in order to ensure that your electrical system is back up and running as normal.


To find out more about our electrical fault finding services, simply get in touch with Alliance Ireland today.