RECI Certification

RECI Certification

RECI is the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland. At Alliance Maintenance, we are registered with RECI and fully comply with all procedures.

RECI iRECIs a self-regulatory body that aims to standardise and monitor the work of electricians in Ireland. The aim of the body is to promote safety and ensure that both the electrician and the client are protected at all times. Electricity is extremely dangerous, so it makes sense to regulate all work carried out.

All members of RECI must be fully qualified electricians and hold full public and employer’s liability.

RECI Monitoring

RECI Monitors the work of all the registered electricians. This helps to ensure that all electricians are following the correct procedures and using high quality materials for their work.

RECI Training

The idea of RECI is not to “catch out” an electrician, but to offer advice and support, in an effort to improve safety standards. Part of this involves setting up training courses and updating electrical contractors of any new safety procedures or more effective working practices.

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You can learn more about this body by visiting the website,

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