Water Tanks & Cylinders

Water Tanks & Cylinders

At Alliance Ireland, we work with both domestic and commercial clients, providing water tanks & cylinder installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Your water tank and cylinder work somewhat hand in hand. Most homes have cold-water tanks somewhere (often an attic). Your cylinder is where your water is heated and then distributed throughout the property. At Alliance Ireland we can design and install a system that will work for your property. We can offer practical advice on size etc.

Water Tanks & Cylinders Installation

All our water tanks and cylinders are installed by a qualified plumber. Each installation is slightly different, as the system is tailored to suit your home or business. We can work on both domestic and commercial properties.

Water Tanks & Cylinders Upgrades

Over time you may find that your tank or cylinder may need replacing. One of the most common reasons for replacing cylinders is a build up of lime on the inside. Other reasons include leaking etc. Our team can assess your tank and / or cylinder and let you know if you need an upgrade or simply some repair work.

Water Tanks & Cylinder Repairs & Maintenance

You may find that older cylinders or tanks require some maintenance or repair work. Our team can assess the situation and let you know if the issue is repairable.

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