Radiators are key when it comes to creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. The heat from your radiators helps to keep you safe and healthy, especially during those colder months.

Radiator Installation

Do you need radiators installed by a professional? Look no further thanAlliance Ireland. We work all over Ireland installing radiators in both domestic and commercial properties. We install anything from a single radiator, right up to fitting out an entire home or complex.

Radiator Repairs

Over time you may feel that your radiators simply aren’t outputting the heat that they used to. This may be down to a number of things, trapped air, leaks and much more. Our team are on hand to quickly diagnose and repair the fault.

Radiator Replacements

Radiators generally last a long time; however, there will come a time when they need replacing. Older radiators simply are not as efficient as newer models, so it makes sense to upgrade when you can. Many people report significant savings in their energy bills once they have upgraded .Our plumbers can assess the condition and efficiency of your current radiators and let you know if it is time for an upgrade..

Relocating Radiators

Do you have a radiator that simply isn’t being used as well as it could? Often large pieces of furniture, such as a couch or a bed can block off the radiator, essentially preventing it from doing its job properly. When simply moving the furniture is not an option, our team can relocate your radiator a different wall, making better use of your space. We can even replace the radiator itself with a smaller or larger size, or even a more economical model.

To get a quote on any of our radiator services, simply get in touch with Alliance Ireland today.