Thermostatic Valves Fitted

Thermostatic Valves Fitted

Thermostatic valves (TRVs) are the perfect way to ensure that you have total control over the temperature in the various rooms in your home or business. This can also be referred to as zoned heating. At Alliance Ireland we can install thermostatic valves on your radiators, helping to make sure that your rooms are at a comfortable temperature all year round. This has a number of advantages, including saving money on energy bills.

How do Thermostatic Valves work?

Your thermostatic valves help to regulate the temperature in a room or area of your home or business. Once the room reaches the required temperature, the self-regulating valve will close the flow of water to the radiator, essentially switching it off. This means that your rooms never get too warm and maintain a constant steady temperature. It also means that your boiler does not have to work as heard, saving you money. At Alliance Ireland, the team works nationwide installing, upgrading and repairing thermostatic valves.

Advantages of Thermostatic Valves

  • Save money on your heating bills by never overheating rooms, letting your boiler work
  • Choose various temperatures for different rooms; for example, some people may prefer to have the bedrooms slightly cooler than the living room.
  • You can choose to switch heating off (or turn down very low) in rooms that are not used daily.
  • Do your part for the environment by cutting down on the CO2 levels you are outputting.

To find out more or arrange for a quote on thermostatic valves, simply get in touch with Alliance Ireland today.