Central Heating

Central Heating

Central heating can provide your entire home or business with warmth during those colder spells. In Ireland this may mean that central heating is used most of the year! At Alliance Ireland, we are the professionals when it comes to central heating.

How does Central Heating Work?

As the name suggests, central heating works by heating water (or air) centrally and then circulating throughout your home or business. This is heated in a boiler, which essentially works to heat the entire property. It is important to choose a boiler that is appropriate to the size of the property. Our team of experts can offer practical advice when it comes to choosing a model.

Central Heating Installations

Installing central heating in your home need not be a daunting task. The team here at Alliance Ireland are on hand to help design, install and maintain a central heating system that works for you. When deciding on a central heating system, it is important to choose a boiler that will work alongside it, offering maximum efficiency.

Central Heating Upgrades

Older central heating systems can be slow to circulate, sometimes only operating at 50% or even less. This can mean that your energy bills are unnecessarily high, costing you money with nothing to show for it! At Alliance Ireland, the team can assess your current heating system and design and provide you with a quotation for a new one. We work with both domestic and commercial clients.

Central Heating Repairs

Over time, your central heating system may require some repair work. Our team are on hand to quickly fault find and carry out repairs quickly. Repair work to your central heating system may be required for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Contaminated Water
  • Blocked Pipes
  • Radiators require bleeding
  • Faulty Boiler
  • Issue with Thermostat
  • Issue with Thermostatic Valves
  • Faulty Pumps / Seized Pumps
  • Damaged Valves

Our qualified team can take care of these issues and much more.

Call us today for a quote on your next central heating project.