Commercial Bathroom / Toilet Refurbishments

Commercial Bathroom / Toilet Refurbishments

Ensuring that your commercial bathrooms are up to scratch is vital, not only from a health and safety point of view, but also from a customers viewpoint. Shabby toilets can really influence how a customer sees your business. First impressions are key, so make it a good one! At Alliance Ireland, we can design you commercial bathrooms to your specifications, using only high quality materials.

Commercial Bathroom Installations

Commercial bathrooms are unique in that you may require a certain number of cubicles, washbasins, hand dryers etc. This means that your plumbing etc. will be require a different set up to a standard domestic bathroom. Luckily, we have installed countless commercial bathrooms all over Ireland so we know exactly what we are at!

Commercial Bathroom Refurbishments

Have your commercial bathrooms seen better days? One of the first things people will critique in your business are the toilet facilities. At Alliance Ireland, we are the experts when it comes to commercial bathroom renovations and upgrades. We can replace what you have or we can come up with an entirely new layout. Call us today to find out more.

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